Review: Vanessa Del Rio – Fifty Years Of Slightly Slutty Behaviour


Originally published as a fiendishly expensive limited edition of 1500, complete with a Willy Wonka ‘golden ticket’ that provided the chance to win a dinner date with Vanessa herself (apparently still unclaimed), this is the over sized hardcover version aimed at the less financially comfortable pervert.

Documenting the Latin tornado’s career from the early loops of 42nd Street to porn’s golden age, this book is awe inspiring in its scope. I can’t think of any other volume that lavishes as much attention on a figure placed so far out at the cultural fringes. Vanessa is a joy throughout, brutally honest about her career and life, her positive outlook makes a real change from ex-porners who have taken strongly against the sex industry in their later years. Hundreds of photo sets are included, along with interviews, scripts and clippings from newspapers of the era.

Just when you think the package can’t get any more spectacular you stumble across the DVD hidden away on the back pages. In this eye opening 140 minute documentary you will find a number of complete 1970’s loops, including one with an over eager dwarf that will haunt my nightmares for weeks to come. It’s interesting to note that the DVD carries no BBFC certificate, this sensible given the rough and ready nature of some of the films clips included, indeed a 10 minute rape themed short called Appointment with Fear was unlikely to ever get a tick from out nations moral guardians. In short this is a project that comes highly recommended.