Star Trek Goes X-Rated


After our piece on sexy Doctor Who spoofs and glamour shoots, Star Trek was inevitably next – especially as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary today.

For a show that only lasted three seasons, Star Trek has had a huge cultural impact – numerous spin-off TV series and feature films, comic books, novels and God knows what else make it one of the most significant pop culture creations of all time. And so it is unsurprising that the show has also inspired some X-rated imitations.

It actually took a long time for the usually on-the-ball porn industry to make a Trek spoof, but in 1990 – when porn spoofs still had punning titles – Scotty Fox directed Sex Trek, in which the crew of the Enterprise (Captain Quirk, Mr Sperm, Dr Boner McJoy, Lt. UWhore etc) travel to Uranus to battle the Assholes. Yes, it’s not very sophisticated.

There’s a stellar cast – Randy Spears channelling William Shatner, Jeanna Fine, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera and Peter North, but that’s really all it has going for it. Cash Markman’s screenplay is no more than functional and Fox was always a dreadful filmmaker, but the novelty of fans seeing erotic versions of their favourite characters ensured that the film was popular enough to spawn at least four sequels.

Once this series emerged, the gloves were off. A rival series began as XXX Trek, before it adopted the Sex Trek title too during the late 1990s and early 2000s. And more recently, there have been rival spoofs series – This Ain’t Star Trek XXX, from parody Axel Braun in 2009 and starring Sasha Grey, has had various episodes, including one shot in 3D, while the more sedately title This Isn’t Star Trek (2010) reunites Sex Trek stars Horner and Spears. There is also a Star Trek: The Next Generation porn parody.

There have also been a handful of Star Trek-themed erotic comic books over the years. Here are a few (and we won’t even attempt to get into fan fiction here…).

And of course, Star Trek has proven to be perfect for sexy cosplay. The mix of exhibitionism and populist nerd culture that drives cosplay has created some interesting variations on the Trek costumes, including an impressive body paint version.

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