Is That All There Is? Spike Jonze’s ‘Outrageous’ Kenzo Commercial Fails To Impress


If you were to believe the headlines, Spike Jonze’s new commercial for Kenzo perfumes is some daring, edgy, epoch-shattering, taboo-defying masterwork. called it “as bold as it gets”, suggesting an all-round unfamiliarity with boldness of any sort.

In reality, the near-four minute slice of indulgence, starring Margaret Qualley as a socialite who ‘rebels’ in the most vacuously unshocking way imaginable, is as tedious and self-important as you could expect from a man – sorry, an ‘auteur – who spells Jones with a Z. It’s all packed with a brain-crushingly awful track by Sam Spiegel (Jonze’s brother – nothing like a bit of nepotism, eh?) and Ape Drums.

As a dance piece, this is passable enough; as a slice of edginess, it fails miserably; and as art, it is a non-starter. Are we so easily impressed and easily startled these days that something as unadventurous and empty as this will impress us? Sheesh. Check it out below: It’s not exactly Smack My Bitch Up, is is?