The Great British Skinny Dip


Ever fancied a spot of nude bathing, but not known where to do it? Then you should join in with the Great British Skinny Dip, which takes place across the country between September 2nd – 4th.

The British have a curious attitude to nudity – it’s not actually illegal to be naked in public, but just try it and see how far you get. As the Naked Rambler could tell you, there are enough laws that malicious police forces can get you on if they try, from outraging public decency to disturbing the peace. And while we might supposedly celebrate body positive movements and events like the World Naked Bike Ride, the British tend to still have a decidedly Victorian attitude to nakedness, sometimes dressed up in the fashionable causes of the day.

So the Great British Skinny Dip, organised by British Naturism, is a rare chance to enjoy naked bathing in safety at a variety of swimming pools, beaches, lakes and spas. Though it is telling that at least half of the venues involved seem to be naturist ‘sun clubs’, suggesting that we still have a way to go before we can convince venues that naked events will not simply be a gathering of perverts.


Organiser Andrew Welch, says:

“People are often brought up to instinctively cover their bodies and become ashamed of them.  Body shame is high and leads to self esteem and health issues.  The Great British Skinny Dip is a fun event, but one that has a serious message – we shouldn’t be so buttoned up about our bodies.  Millions of people have already discovered the joy of going costume free, as when they strip away the layers of clothing they also strip away their worries and cares and can truly relax. It soon becomes normal and people wonder what they were worried about. Everyone has a body, and they’re all different. It’s a fantastic to feel the water over all of your skin – and after all, what is the point of putting on a piece of clothing just to get it wet! We’d love as many people as possible to enjoy a skinny-dip, challenging themselves and trying something different.”

You can find out more, including where your nearest event is here:

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