Agent Provocateur’s Erotic Euro Horror Film

agentprovocateurThe lingerie company takes inspiration from Jess Franco and Hammer Horror in a provocative promotional film.

Back in 2011,  lingerie store Agent Provocateur produced a two-minute video film called Fleurs du Mal, a pastiche on popular horror movie themes. Opening with a woman home alone, it introduces several lingerie-clad women who drag her through her home, finally converting her, vampire style, into one of them.

The company stated that the film was inspired by Hammer Horror and the films of Jess Franco (not to mention Scream), working the classic tropes of 1970s Euro-horror – namely sex, gothic sensibilities and violence – into a fashion context. Top marks to AP for even knowing who the mighty Jess Franco is.

Britain’s self-proclaimed advertising censors, The Advertising Standards Authority, investigated the ad after a single crank complained that it was “disturbing and misogynistic”, but surprisingly acquitted it – possibly because the video only appeared on the AP website.

Written and directed by Justin Anderson, and with a heady mix of pumping metal music, semi-naked women and immediately recognisable visual references, the film is well worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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