Rare Copies of Divinity Magazine On Sale

Published between 1992 and 1994, Divinity magazine was the unrestrained predecessor to The Reprobate – a heady collision of transgressive culture, extreme cinema, fetishism, art and excess. Long unavailable, we’ve dug out the remaining copies and are making them available at (mostly) bargain prices.

These are mostly very limited supplies – between one and five editions of each apart from issue 2/4. We’ll delete sold out copies as quickly as we can, but of course, we have to sleep – we suggest moving quickly and being prepared to be refunded if you’ve been beaten to it.


1/1 – the debut issue. Derek Humphrey’s Final Exit; Creation Books; Mike Philbin; Flaming Creatures; Walerian Borowczyk; Margaret Nolan; A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen; Kinbiken video; The Wizard of Gore; Hyapatia Lee interview.



1/2: Tales From The Gimli Hospital; Cosey Fanni Tutti interview; The Lovers Guide 2; James Havoc interview; Taboo Film Festival; Alain Renais; Torture Garden; Mary Millington; Masami Akita interview; Confrontational Cinema.



1/3: Foot fetishism; Rocking Pin-Up Cat; Monika Treut; Ian Kerkhof interview; Mistral Films; Joel Peter Witkin; Woman Of The Dunes; Melinda Miel interview; Shock System Cinema.

ONLY ONE COPY AVAILABLE. £20.00 plus p&p

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1/4: New Gay Cinema; Madonna; Richard Davenport-Hines interview; Suehiro Maruo; Mysteries of the Hymen; Boyd Rice interview; Doing Rude Things; Sex Maniacs Ball; Mano Destra; Tetsuo II; Paul Mayersberg interview; Shock System Cinema; Pink Samurai.



2/1: Dancing Naked In The Material World; Jack Stevenson interview; Jacques Rivette; Jim Rose interview; Female Masochism; T&A movies; Throbbing Gristle; fetish clubbing; Zoe Lund interview; Crysis; SM furniture; Jeff Koons; Adam Parfrey interview; Drag Queen movies.



2/2: Joe Coleman; Lydia Lunch interview; Andrea Dworkin; Prometheus Books; Revolting Cocks interview; Doris Kloster interview / photo set; The Kerkhof View; Housk Randall; Quentin Tarantino interview; SM Survival Guide; Michelle Bauer; Dracula; Kill City Records.



2/3: Pierre Molinier; Melinda Miel by Paul Buck; Neko-Mimi; Jennifer Lynch interview; Velda Lauder; The Sleaziest Cinema in America; Joe Coleman interview; Strange Movies; Torture Garden; My Sweet Satan; Richard Kern interview / photo set; The Kerkhof View; Brian Yuzna interview; Genitorturers interview; Shock Corridors of Erotica; Sexy Girls and Sexy Guns; Mayfair’s Sexy Six.



2/4: Gay hankie codes; Venus In Furs; Midnight Configuration interview; Horror Out Of Control; Sabine In Distress; banned movies; Cranes interview; Atlas Press; The Kerkhof View; Ron Athey; Michael Perkins interview; Doris Kloster’s Temptation / photo set; Stewart Home interview; Underground USA; Genitorturers live / Doralba Picerno photo set.

£10.00 plus p&p.

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