The Illustrated Terrors Of The Pocket Chiller Library


The long-forgotten series of gruesome British horror comic books.

The Pocket Chiller Library was a series of small format comic book shockers – similar in format to the likes of Commando and other digest war comics – that was published between 1971 and 1977 by Top Sellers, the company that also brought us House of HammerMonster Mag and assorted girly magazines. It was part of a series that included Pocket War Library, Pocket Western Library and Pocket Detective Library. Each issue told a single uncredited tale of terror  (Doctor Satan is based on the true story of WW2 criminal Dr Petiot, while Billy the Kid is surely stretching ‘horror’ to breaking point!). Running for 137 issues, the collection is almost forgotten now – don’t hold your breath for hardcover compilations of these strips – but well worth picking up if you ever come across copies.


Our gallery is, of course, incomplete – we’ll gratefully receive scans of any missing covers (or, indeed, the complete comics).

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