Too Fast For Love – Mötley Crüe Vibrators


Celebrity is everything these days, even in the world of sex toys. After all, why waste your time on a perfectly functional vibrator when you can pay twice the price for an inferior product that is endorsed by your favourite porn star or reality TV wannabe? And now, it seems, vibes need the selling power of heavy metal bands. I suppose if a sex toy claims it will rock your world, then it might was well rock in general too.

Following up from their Mötorhead themed vibes, Lovehoney have now launched a Mötley Crüe range (non word on whether or not it is the use of umlauts that make a band suitable to have a themed vibrator). With no less than eight different vibrators in the range, there is probably something for everyone, and each comes emblazoned with the logos from assorted Crüe albums.

In an age of couch potatoes, it’s rather depressing to think that even the groupie might now be too lazy to go out and pursue actual rocks stars, instead being content to masturbate with these branded items. But that’s the future, I guess. We look forward to the first female rock star-themed Fleshlights.

The vibrators will be available from your local erotic emporium in September.