New Order Launch Their Own Beer

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New Order have announced a new beer, in collaboration with Burnley’s Moorhouse Brewery. the 4.2% Stray Dog (named after a track on their 2015 album Music Complete) is described as a “refreshing and clean tasting golden ale with hints of citrus fruit and lychee, all balanced by a subtle bitterness”. It’s packaged in a suitably minimalist style, and will be available on draft and bottled. How much the band had to do with the creation of the drink is unclear.

The beer will be available at Mitchells and Butlers pubs (so no, probably not anywhere near you) from August bank Holiday weekend, and then rolled out nationally.

It will, of course, have to go some to compete with Iron Maiden’s Trooper, which is the only band-related beer to transcend the gimmick and the initial fan base and become a best-selling pub staple – and possibly a modern classic. Still, we look forward to seeing what this new (order) beer is like, and will report back when we get to sample it.