Gallery: Film and TV Tie In Novels

In the days before home video, the best way to ‘own’ a film or TV show was through the tie-in novel / novelisation. These were either reprinted novels tied to the new screen adaptation, or newly written books based on the screenplay. Many were generic, basic retreads of the film, but some actually reinvented or expanded on the original material (people who think that Rob Zombie invented the back story for his remake of Halloween should read the novel – it’s all there), sometimes taking their cue from earlier versions of the screenplay (Jaws 2 is based on the rejected John Hancock and Dorothy Tristan story, for instance).

The tie-in novel has never quite gone away, but its heyday of the 1960s and 1970s is unlikely to ever return. This gallery – which will continue to expand as our collection grows – is the tip of the iceberg of tie-ins.

(These covers are mostly from the Reprobate archives. Please credit us if you reuse any. Click individual covers to enlarge)


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