Teresa May Is Not Our New Prime Minister


Not for the first time, former glamour model Teresa May has been confusing clueless Twitter users by having almost the same name as the new leader of the Conservatives and our next Prime Minister – God help us – Theresa May. There, the similarity thankfully ends (though I have no idea what Teresa’s politics are). As this rather exasperated Twitter post suggests, some people are struggling to tell the difference between her and her rather less appealing political namesake.


Born in 1966, Teresa had a long and successful career as a topless, nude, fetish and softcore model from 1992 until the mid 2000’s. As well as appearances in The Sun and most of the top softcore magazines, she also appeared in videos like Naughty Nylon Lust, Big Breast Sex and Lesbians in Stockings, and was a regular on the much missed low rent cable station L!ve TV in the mid 90s. Outside the smut world, she is best known for her appearance in The Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up video.

teresa may

Now retired, she has written an autobiography – My Body In Your Hands – and has a website, should you wish to learn more about her career or buy videos, photos and used panties. Sadly, she has no plans to either move into politics or make a comeback in a Tory-themed femdom porn movie.

Back in the late 1990s / early 2000s, in the wake of the successful Erotica festivals in London, assorted imitators sprang up across the UK. Few were successful, but I went along on a press pass to quite a few of them, video camera in hand – because, why not? Teresa May was at a couple – at FunLove in Morley, Leeds in 1999 (on Halloween night – hence the skeletons on the walls) she gave a rare live striptease performance, while at the German-run World of Erotic at Wembley Arena in April 2000, she was one of several glamour models doing promotion and posing for press shots prior to it opening for the public. These clips have sat unseen for 17 years, but today seems like a good day to finally dust them off and share them. Sensitive readers should note that both clips include bare breasts.


UPDATE: It seems that despite hosting much more explicit material, the delicate souls at Dailymotion couldn’t cope with Ms May’s bare breasts. Well done to anyone who caught the clips in the few hours that they remained online. We’ll look into hosting them on a less prudish site.