Wanted: Ad Sales Wizard for The Reprobate


The Reprobate requires the freelance services of a sterling lady or gentleman to help us in the dark arts of advertising sales for our print edition.

We are looking for a stylish and confident bon viveur, who has an understanding of what The Reprobate is and will be, and who can track down essential contacts in the worlds of art, fashion, film, publishing, events, venues and the manufacturers of doohickies and whizbangers. Someone with their finger of the pulse of the past, present and future, and who has the charm and wit needed to persuade these people to part with their money by any means necessary – via email, telephonic conversation or face-to-face death matches.

In return for your efforts, you would take a pleasing commission on all sales, and frankly speaking, the sky is the limit.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that you will be seduced by excitable housewives, or find yourself trouserless in awkward situations, as seen in top documentary films like Secrets of a Door To Door Salesman – but neither are we prepared to say that such things won’t happen. You’ll never know until you give it a whirl.

Interested parties should contact The Reprobate forthwith, stating your qualifications for this demanded role. Email us at reprobatemagazine@gmail.com.