News: The BFI Announce Psychomania and Women in Love


There has been conflicting news from the BFI in terms of forthcoming releases today.

The bad news is that the two, much anticipated Alan Clarke collections – Dissent and Disruption, featuring his BBC work – has been pulled from release at the last minute. Due on on Monday, the two collections are now indefinitely postponed but to “circumstances beyond our control”. Fingers crossed that whatever the issues are, they can be sorted out as soon as possible. We’ll be reviewing both collections as soon as a release is confirmed.

The good news is the announcement of several impressive new releases between July and September. Most excitingly are blu-rays of cult British zombie biker extravaganza Psychomania and Ken Russell’s masterpiece Women in Love – both must-have titles.

Also lined up an addition to the Children’s Film Foundation series with science fiction serial Masters of Venus, 1948 film noir Cry of the City, Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones, The Crying Game and The Quay Brothers Collection, gathering together their animated shorts.

Expect reviews of most / all of these over the next few months.