XVHS Mixes Perfume And Vintage Video


In recent years, there has been a concerted – and frankly incomprehensible – move to revive the VHS format – a format that died for very good reasons. Much of this is to do with the packaging – a love of the vintage clamshells and the admittedly often luridly fantastic artwork used to sell obscure movies to unfussy punters. And so we’ve seen everything from new VHS releases to books of artwork to Lurid Trumps card games. But the most unlikely VHs inspired cash in has just been announced, with XVHS – a new collection of five perfumes from Xyrena in California, that come housed in custom clamshells with retro-flavoured exploitation movie artwork on the covers.

The five aromas are Cinemaniac, Hellanut, Dark Ride, Pool Boy and Basic Bitch, with art that riffs on Maniac, A Nightmare on Elm Street and others. How enticing these might be will depend on taste – Cinemaniac claims to have notes of “hot buttered popcorn, a classic cola accord, soft pretzels, and red licorice”, while Dark Ride offers “chlorinated water, a thrilling accord of theatrical fog and pyrotechnics and a hint of atmospheric mildew and damp ozone” – we really hope that they are taking the piss, though are suitably intrigued.

We are guessing that these are novelty scents, though of course if Xyrena care to ship us across review material, we will of course approach them with an open mind. Meanwhile, you can find out more at https://xyrena.com/