News: Tom Six unleashes The Ultimate Human Centipede


Director Tom Six – our favourite present-day Reprobate, and interviewed in our forthcoming issue 1 – has announced pre-sales of what must be the decadent blu-ray release of the year – a Human Centipede steelbook collection, bringing all three films in the most amazing trilogy of recent years together.

Disc one features the three films ‘connected’. As anyone who has seen the movies will know, they bleed into each other despite being entirely different movies, and so we assume that this addition joins all three up for one long, mind-bending single viewing experience.


Disc two comes with assorted Making Of featurettes, a Tom Six home video (Decaying in Style), deleted scenes and ‘paintfart clips’ – whatever they may be. Most excitingly, it features the previously unseen colour version of The Human Centipede Part 2 – Full Sequence. Given that the black and white version has been challenging enough for many viewers (including the killjoy British censors), we can only imagine what this colour version will be like.


Region free, uncut and strictly limited, the collection costs $52.99 (US we presume), and can be ordered from

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