News: Lurid Trumps Presents Mondo VHS


Whether you are looking for entertaining card games for the pub, dedicated tournaments of geekness or simply enjoy collecting the finest in 1980s trash artwork – and who doesn’t? – then you’ll want to snap up the latest edition of Lurid Trumps, which celebrates the halcyon days of VHS video sleeves. From the days before censorship, when renegade labels issued all sorts of high art and low culture in sensational, often rather misleading sleeves, Mondo VHS brings you 39 vintage titles – from Tanya’s Island to Shriek of the Mutilated, from The Fantastic Argoman to Confessions of a Sex Kitten.

Complete with an exclusive cover card and housed in a plastic keep case, these modern interpretations of the classic trump card games have proven to be fast sellers in the three previous incarnations, and were quickly selling on Ebay for frankly insane amounts of money. So collectors and speculators alike might want to snap up sets of this limited edition while they can.