Jaws Footwear Is Actually A Thing


We are pretty fussy about our footwear here The Reprobate, knowing that there is little more tasteless than the ‘trainer’ or the ‘sports shoe’, both of which not only look crass but also imply an unfortunate interest in physical exercise (though the people who often wear them suggest that this is definitely not the case). We must admit that the idea of the ‘boat shoe’ is a new one to us – we haven’t developed a Stirling Hayden-like love of boating yet, and can only assume that the need for special shoes is to stop you sliding off into the ocean. We might be wrong – for all we know, boats have specific fashion requirements. It’s not something we have spent much time contemplating.

But if we were to be considering a life on the seas, then perhaps we might be in the market for Jaws shoes. In truth, we might be in the market for them anyway. Not to be worn in public, of course – God forbid – but for pottering about Reprobate Towers, gardening or such, they seem an intriguing alternative to slippers.


Courtesy of Sperry, these come in suitably themed packaging and are available in six different designs, with varying levels of sharkiness. Quite why anyone who wants a Jaws-themed shoe in the first place would want the more subtle designs is rather beyond us (in for a penny, in for a pound, surely?), but there you go.

Available in men’s, women’s and unisex for prices that range from $70 to $85 from May 5th at www.sperry.com.

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