The Playboy Club Opens the Tale Bar


Reliving its classic 1960s and 70s vibe, The Playboy Club in London has just opened the Tale Bar  – a decidedly retro themed cocktail bar that is open to everyone (not just members).

You can find classic cocktails, as well as more esoteric, Playboy-inspired efforts like the Marilyn Monroe, The Cuffs and Collars, The Girl Next Door and the Fluffy Tail. Also on the menu are champagne, wine, vodka, gin, tum, tequila, whisky, cognac and – thankfully – beer. Absinthe is oddly missing, making it not quite a full-on Reprobate bar – but never mind. You can also enjoy Afternoon Tea, if that takes your fancy. And all these delights will be served up by Playboy bunnies (no word on whether or not they have to sport suitably vintage haircuts, but one would hope so).

Open from late in the afternoon (because what self-respecting Reprobate is awake in the morning?) until the early hours.

See you there…