Oxford English Dictionary Adds Splendid Sweary Variations To New Edition


Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds a slew of new words – the new entries are usually examples of modern slang, yoof-speak and their such transient nonsense that ay least serves its purpose, namely getting the Dictionary mentioned on various news outlets who are excessively tickled by the inclusion of ‘wackadoodle’ or ‘bestie’.

Less widely reported – you won’t see this on the BBC – but more entertaining for Reprobates, this year sees the addition as several variations on ‘cunt’ – namely cunty (“highly objectionable or unpleasant”), cunted “being under the influence of drugs or alcohol”), cuntish (“objectionable person or behaviour”) and cunting (an intensifer meaning ‘very much’).

All fine words, and probably already in use by most of us. But it’s good to see them getting the official nod.