Wheels Of Rage: The New English Library Biker Novels


The classic world of British Hells Angels pulp novels from the 1970s.

The greaser answer to the infamous Richard Allen Skinhead novels, New English Library’s biker pulp fiction collection is perhaps not quite as well known as that series, but nevertheless was a hugely popular part of the publisher’s youth cult books. Written by a variety of authors, mostly labouring under pseudonyms, these are fast-paced, violent, smutty and deliciously trashy – just the thing to keep adolescent readers happy, often combining other exploitation elements – horror, sex, dystopian futures and so on – to keep the formula fresh. These were very much of their time – inspired by both Allen’s youth novels and the biker movies of the late 1960s – and as trends changed, so NEL and its authors moved on.

Bonus cover: the 1994 Creation Books collection of Mick Norman’s NEL biker classics Angels from Hell, Angel Challenge, Guardian Angels and Angels on My Mind.

angels from hell

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